Biological Water Quality Inspection Test Paper


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Product information:

Product Name: 16in1 Reagent Strips For Water

Test items: pH, hardness, cyanuric acid, total chlorine, residual chlorine, bromine, nitrate, nitrite, iron, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, fluorine, carbonate, total alkali.

Product Category: Water quality test paper

Product specifications: 50 pieces/tube; 100 pieces/tube.

Determination standard: qualitative and semi-quantitative

Test conditions: Temperature: 2℃-30℃


Test Time: 30 seconds

Accuracy: 97% +

Application Scope: can be used for tap water, drinking water, water purifier water, kitchen water, outdoor water source, aquarium, fish tank water, pond water, swimming pool water, hot spring water, SPA SPA, factory water, all kinds of water quality tests such as hospital water and sewage treated by water purification plants.

Specifications: 50 pieces/tube, 100 pieces/tube

Packing list:

Water quality testing paper * 1

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Additional information

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 80 in

50 Pieces Per Tube, 100 Pieces Per Tube


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